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Edmonton, AB T6P1E8

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We'd like to tell you about our current promotion

We are a sewer and drain cleaning company and our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

No clog is too tough for us!

We would love to to talk to you about our services and what we can do to help you.

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What we do

 1- flushing and/or augering of sanitary sewers, drains and grease traps

 2- flushing of storm drains

 3- flushing of catch basins and sump pits

 4- washing of buildings, sidewalks, driveways, parking structures, or garbage

      dumpster areas.

 5- frozen sewer lines and drains

 6- eavestroughs cleaning and flushing

 7- frozen water and sewer lines

 8- heat tape insulation

More about us

 We specialize in sewer and drain cleaning. We offer knowledge, expertise, and reliable service.

 Our customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our company prides ourselves in every effort and aspect related to the sewer and drain industry. We are cape able of dealing with and diagnosing a variety of sewer and drain related issues and problems.